Backyard Structures

Gazebos are available in different shapes: Octogons, Long Octogons, and Rectangles with Gable or Hip roofs. They are made of either pressure treated wood or cedar and have lots of roofing and interior options available.

Greenhouses come in three main styles: Steelframe Gable (as shown here), Steelframe Barack Shape, and a modified A-Roof Woodframe. Cedar shelves, lighting, ventalation, and sprinkler systems are optional.

Pick the style and choose the colors to create a Leonard Playhouse perfect for your child and backyard. Get a larger one and use it for both storage and the kids (see Big Playhouse below)

You dog deserves a Leonard Doghouse. Built with the same craftsmanship as our storage buildings and affordable because we have designed them using the material we can't use from our other structures.

Chicken Coops available in different sizes and chicken run configurations. Four out of five chickens surveyed said they preferred a Leonard Chicken Coop :)

Fluffy needs proper protection. You will be surprised by how easy and inexpensively you can get a Leonard Rabbit Hutch delivered to your backyard.



Chicken Coops

Dog Houses


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