Trailers | Multi Purpose | Heavy Duty | Towing | Hauling | Grading | Axle | Tandem | Single Custom builds all types of "Specialty" trailers for sale in NC SC VA WV and TN at our 55 Factory Outlets. If you need a unique trailer to get the job done, Leonard will build it from the ground up. Completely unique, or just a little different, we are up to the task. Take your business to the next level of efficency by teaming up with the Pros at your local Leonard Factory Outlet.

Landscapers and General Contractors rely on our custom trailers to get all their equipment to the jobsite.
Our design team uses the latest technology and techniques to built the strongest specialized trailers around.

Our Concessions trailers are easy to work in with plenty of space, and even fully wired if you need it. Call 1-866-453-4409 for Factory Direct Pricing on your Concession trailer

Towing, Hauling, Trash removal, jobsite cleanup: our trailers are built by NC craftsmen specifically for you.
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By ordering FACTORY DIRECT you can save time and money, let our expertise keep your business on top!

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