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When designing our Wooden Playhouse line for children, we asked ourselves..."What would make our playhouses different from the rest?" Did we like the kits we saw online? Could we do better? WE DID DO BETTER!!! Fully assembled and DELIVERED with paint, shingles, a FLOOR, 2x4 walls, and Leonard's patented, treated "notched skid floor system" for the ultimate in portabililty and convenient setup. We are proud to offer our playhouses and buildings to your family. Leonard creates playhouses that are safe and affordable for everyone with our great RENT TO OWN program. Our playhouses join your home and family READY TO PLAY!
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8' x 12', 8' x 14' Lofted Bungalow

Wooden Playhouse Bungalow Pink

The 8'x12' Lofted Bungalow Playhouse is a complete package: 2'x4' wood framing, painted masonite siding, shingled roof, all built on Leonard's famous notched skid floor system. No hassle - zero assembly required. It has a front door for the kids (it is split so that the top will open independently from the bottom), a large service door in the rear (large enough for you to use when the children have gone to school), three 14"x27" slider windows with screens, a covered front porch with rails, and a loft over the porch accessible by a built in ladder (kids love to climb up and it is big enough to hang out up there). Lots of options and accessories are available for this model. We are the only manufacturer that offers interior finishes such as sheetrock painted so that the walls and ceiling act like one huge chalk board, or a place to put a chandelier or ceiling fan.

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8' x 10' Schoolhouse

Our 8'x10' Schoolhouse was designed by using the feedback we've gathered from speaking to you on the phone and via email. (Thanks to all who helped.) We always offer the ability to add (or remove) options like windows, doors, interior trim and insulation. We can even modify the roof based on your design needs. Our playhouse walls utilize 2x4 construction (most companies use 2x2) and custom paint and trim. Don't be surprised while comparison shopping if you see us offer a "stock unit" that is far better built than other companies' top line models. We refuse to offer you a building we wouldn't buy ourselves. Click "VIEW PRICING NOW" to find out how to get yours FULLY ASSEMBLED, DELIVERED WITH A 7 YEAR WARRANTY.

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8' x 12' Clubhouse

Here is another new offering designed for the boys to enjoy. It is home on the range, farm, or backyard. The 8'x12' Clubhouse also serves as a home base on long nights by the campfire. Order "camo" paint to make it disappear from the deer. Hunters like this model because of its spacious interior. There are a few "secrets" built right in to this model. The floor has a special trapdoor just like in the olden days, so you can drop your hidden treasures inside and nobody will know. It's a great father/son project just waiting to happen. You won't believe the fun you'll have when you step inside. Contact us soon for a great time in your own backyard! ...

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8' x 10' Cape Cod

Our customers asked for more headroom, this playhouse comes standard with 5 foot sidewalls and vaulted interior. Just add an adult sized side door and you can join in the fun without stooping to get inside. We are offering this playhouse at a very special price for the spring, but they are very popular and this price won't last forever. We do our best to get your playhouse built and delivered in as little as one week, and if you have plans for a birthday party, we will work with you to make a lasting impression on your child or grandchild's memories. Contact us at to place your deposit TODAY!
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6' x 8' Cape Cod

Here is another new offering designed to keep the price very affordable. This 6x8 was named after Peter Pan's best friend, the kids will explain it to you, don't worry ... You won't believe how easy it is to own a great, handmade playhouse with so many options available it takes a second page just to list them all. All our optional equipment (like the deck you see here), is also made by hand by North Carolina craftsmen right here in America's hometown and delivered to you. Follow the "Request More Info" link to see every option we offer!
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8' x 10' Gingerbread

The 8'x10' Gingerbread house is roomy and cute as a box of buttons. Our customers asked for a bigger playhouse at a smaller price and this is what we came up with. The price is hard to believe (click "view pricing"), fully assembled and delivered to your site, our Gingerbread costs less than other companies KITS! This model truly is an affordable way to get outside and gives your kids a space of their own. You won't believe your eyes and your kids won't forget how much fun they have!

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Delivery Options

Our Delivery and Scheduling Department has what could be the most demanding job around. We move a lot of buildings and our Playhouses are never an exception. They do a top notch job of making sure that your playhouse or building gets to your site safely, quickly, and conveniently. We really go the extra mile.
Email us at for more information.

Other Options

At we don't think a floor, paint, or shingles are "Optional Equipment". COMING SOON: Full interior and exterior options pricing with comparisons. We offer options and hardware other manufacturers just can't, so there really is no comparison. Interiors finished with sheetrock and insulation, Chalkboard Paint to allow for creativity with less mess. Electrical outlets and wiring come standard on many models. We can even offer laminate flooring and a cute porch swing. Metal Roof, Architectural Shingle Pattern, Roof Ridge Vents, Outdoor Lighting, and we can go on... If you want something from mild to this side of amazing, we can do it and have been for almost 50 YEARS. Thanks for choosing LeonardUSA!

Financing Options

Contact us at to learn how easy it is to take delivery of your playhouse today. Our NO CREDIT CHECK, hassle free RENT TO OWN program is the best in the business. Simply pay a small deposit in advance and choose your playhouse color and options. Who else could make an offer like this? NOBODY... click HERE for RTO info!

Custom Playhouses

COMING SOON- Design your playhouse with our real time tools. When your dreams for a custom touch begin to awaken your inner child, call us, and we will make it so real you and your family can climb inside. Forts, Playhouses, Pergolas, Arbors, Gazebos and MORE. Our CAD programmers have got what it takes to design with you in mind. If its visible in the minds eye, chances are we've got it solved. Take all the time you need to, Leonard Buildngs are made for a LIFETIME! Click here to get started.

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