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Gable with Vinyl Siding Photo
Gables with Vinyl siding are Leonard's most popular due to the traditional lap look and very low maintenance.  The boxed eave and 5/12 roof pitch suites most residential properties.  Vinyl is available in stock and custom colors but if you need to match you home color exactly you may want to choose another siding material.

Popular Sizes: 8x10, 8x12, 8x16, 10x12, 10x14, 10x16, 10x20, 12x12, 12x16, 12x20, 12x24  [6x8 up to 14x50 available for delivery] * ask about built-on-site
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Gables with Vinyl Lap siding
Gables with Vertical siding
Gables with Lap Panel siding
Gables with T1-11 Siding
Gables with Concrete siding
Gables with Cedar Board siding
Gables with Split Log siding
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DYO verbage vinyl sided gable shed with end 9-light doors vinyl sided gable shed with garage door vinyl sided gable shed with metal roof vinyl sided building with porch
Vinyl sided gable shed with end door    Vinyl sided gable shed with side doors
C O L O R    O P T I O N S

Color availability is a function of the siding, trim, and roof material.
Siding and Trim Material: Masonite and other vertical panels, lap panels, T1-11, & Concrete Board are all painted.
For Painted Material we have partnered with our primary paint supplier Sherwin-Williams. Click here or on the image below to use Sherwin-Williams color finder tools to help you find a color combination that suites your location and purpose.

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B U I L D I N G    O P T I O N S

There are several doors types:
[1] Leonard Made: single or double: 30", 36", 45"
[2] Leonard Made split doors: single or double: 24", 30", 36"
[3] Foam Filled - mobile home type doors: single or double: 30", 36", 45"
Base unit buildings normally come with a single 30", 36" or 45" door.
see more on doors...

Windows & Shutters
[1] SLiders with Screens
[2] 14"x27" | 18"x27" | 32"x35"
[3] White / Brown
Shutter types

Your workshop needs power! Many stock units come pre-wired or you can design you own electrical package
[1] Basic pole light with switch and receptical
[2] Flourescent Light with switch and receptical
[3] 70 Amp Breaker Box with Light and 2 receptical package
[4] AC Units

Storage & Organization
If you want to be able to walk into your unit after you fill it up with stuff, we suggest you consider allowing the factory to add some simple organizational options to your unit.
[1] Workbench
[2] Loft
[3] Shelves with or without pegboard
Base unit buildings normally come with a single 30", 36" or 45" door.

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C U S T O M    D E S I G N S

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