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                                        Part #s starting with: '400' = Xtreme   and  
'600' = Catch-All                                   

Part#'s starting with '600'

Catch-All floor mats traditional custom fit carpet type floor mats.
These are treated so that spills, sand, mud (even grease), are easier to clean off and do not show as much.

The Floor mats are packaged according to interior or cab configurations so you will see the following types of sets - most of self explainitory::
     > Front Set - 2 Pc Set
     > Front Area - 1 pc plus
     > Center Hump
     > 2nd Seat
     > Rear Liner
     > Rear Cargo
     > Complete Carpet Set - 4 door cars usually

Easy to clean. Just hose them off and wipe them down for a fresh-from-the-showroom look, every time.

    * Perfect fit - molded to fit your floor.
    * Heal pad prevents wear between gas & brake pedal.
    * Patented fasteners hold mats in place - no drilling.

Protect your floors from front to rear. Order Catch-All floor mats for your vehicle's first, second, and third row seating - as well as your SUV or mini van's cargo area

Nifty’s custom-fit molded carpet is pre-formed to fit your vehicle’s floor for a tight fit and clean look you’d swear was factory installed. The back of the carpet comes pre-marked (or even pre-cut for some models) with all the necessary holes for shifters, seat brackets and whatever else might be poking up from the floor of your truck or SUV. Nifty’s replacement carpet is the perfect way to add carpet to vehicles that didn’t come with it from the factory and provides a great way rejuvenating a tired, worn out interior. In the case of our C/K, we’ll be shooting for the latter.
Part#'s starting with '400'

Catch-All Xtreme floor mats not only offer complete edge-to-edge protection; they're also custom-molded to fit your floor perfectly for a factory-installed look.
  • Raised lip traps dirt and spills to prevent run-off.
  • Easy to clean - simply hose off and wipe dry.
  • Made from heavy-duty Xynet thermoplastic - thicker and stronger than typical molded mats.
  • Slip-resistant, textured surface - prevents cargo from shifting and sliding.
  • Grey, tan, or black complements any interior!

Finally, floor mats to fit your active lifestyle. Order your Catch-All Xtreme mats - risk free. Note: Mats are rolled for shipping, leave your mats at room temperature for 24 hours (or until they return to their original shape)

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