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It’s a better deal than self-storage rentals because you own the building when the term is done. Example ....
Leonard Rent2Own:
$2,000 – 36 mo @ $97/mo = $3,492
and You Own It
Traditional Self Storage
$100/mo for 36 mo = $3,600
and You Own Nothing
PLUS: You don’t have to drive to your stuff - just walk a few steps anytime. You can use your building for more than just storage – workshop, hobby house, garden shed, . . .get creative.
Simple Rent-to-Own Program
Hundreds in stock,
Popular Models, or
Create your own:
Wood Frame Gable
Wood Frame Barn
Steel Frame Unit
Simple Contract
Pay 1st & last mo rent
No Credit Check
Takes only minutes
We will bring it, place it, block it, and level it
FREE DELIVERY first 30 miles.
You'll get a coupon book
Save with ACH drafts
Payoff anytime with no penalty
Earn principal first month
Move it with you
Trade it in & Upgrade!
Sell it
Leonard's buildings
hold their value
Click to Browse building selection get immediate on-line pricing Call Leonard's toll-free number Locate a store
* R E N T - T O - O W N   B E N E F I T S *
• No Credit Check – this is a huge deal in today’s tight credit environment
• Same Day Approval – just provide two references and sign
• Month to Month Contract – you can turn your unit in at anytime
• Establish Credit – it’s a great way to help you establish credit
• Build Equity – average rental storage agreements last 5 years with nothing to show at the end – with Leonard’s RTO program you OWN the unit in 3 years. Once you own your unit you can resell it and recover much of your initial expense
• Not Back Loaded – unlike home mortgages 60% of every payment goes straight toward your principle.
• Payoff Anytime – you can pay your unit off anytime without a penalty
• Store Your Stuff Only Steps Away from house – it beats having to drive across town to access a public rental storage site
• Use Unit For More Than Storage – make into a workshop, hobbyhouse, garden shed, playhouse, etc..
• Portable – if you move, your building can go with you
• Trade Up – trade your building (size or style) as your needs change and get credit for your investment applied to your new building

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