Leonard showing typical public rental storage unit

We Americans love our stuff. We love activities that involve tools, memorabilia, boats, bikes, holiday decorations and hobby supplies. Unfortunately, all this stuff can easily end up crammed in corners and closets, where it’s hard to get to and easy to forget.

There’s a special name for too much stuff—it’s clutter.

Clutter is big business. In fact, 9% of U.S. households rent a self-storage unit, according to the Self-Storage Association.* Some people use self-storage to deal with temporary changes in their lives, but the majority say they just need more space. Of these folks, 30% rent for two years or more.

But is renting a storage unit a good use for your money? What if you could apply that rental payment to a beautiful storage building that helps you manage your clutter, not hide it away? And on top of it, you can add convenience, increase the appearance and value of your property, and enjoy multiple uses that no storage unit can provide.

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Consider the advantages that a rent-t0-own storage building or shed has over a storage unit:  

Clutter No More!

An attractive storage building is a great incentive to organize your belongings and get rid of the things that are worn, outdated, or just plain unnecessary. Rather than being hidden away, the things you choose to keep are valued and used on a regular basis.

Added Convenience

Are you heading out for some white-water kayaking or starting a woodworking project? Your equipment is ready for action, without having to drive to the storage facility or wait for it to open. 

An Activity Center

A shed or storage building is more than just storage. It can also function as a workshop, potting shed, or craft studio. Plan your storage building or shed.  

Increase the Value of Your Property

Every realtor will tell you that when you come to sell a home, clutter is a major drawback. A beautiful, well-organized storage shed will be a selling point.

Enhance Your Backyard

Imagine a shed as a new focal point in your backyard. Use it as an outdoor living space for entertaining with your own landscaping, seating, and a grill or firepit.

Man Cave vs. She Shed?

No self-storage unit can give you the satisfaction of a space that you can personalize as your own retreat. And at the end of the day, you’ll have a place to store grill tools, summer furniture, and more!

Decluttering Resources

Overwhelmed by your stuff? There are lots of professional organizers, books, and websites that can help you tackle the job. Here are a few that we like:


National Association of Professional Organizers

Marie Kondo, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Karen Kingston, Clear your Clutter with Feng Shui




* Self-Storage Association, Self-Storage Demand Study, 2013.