Design your shed to match your house! 

Leonard offers three different siding materials perfectly suited to hold paint well. Two vertical panel and one lap panel. Painted portable storage buildings are offered in several SHAPES: Traditional Gables either cottage or ranch style, Barns, or any custom shape like a Hip roof or Lean-To. 

Leonard offers sheds with sidings suitable for paint or stain in just about any size you want from a 6x8 to a 14x50.  If you are unsure of the size you need, please take a moment to read a post about selecting the right size in our buying gude. Popular sizes are: 6x8 | 8x10 | 8x12 | 10x12 | 10x16 | 12x16 | 12x20 | 12x24 | 12x28 | 14x24 | 14x28

Three Siding Materials that hold paint very well

[A] Masonite like Vertical Panel Board - this is the most affordable and is base coat primed and when painted at the factory the paint holds very well.
[B] Lap Panel Board - the horzontal lap board looks very much like tradtional lap siding but is more affordable and has no separation  or warping and does not require caulking between each lap as the material actual comes in sheets. It is also primed and painted at the factory
[C] Cement board - this also looks like the traditional vertical grooved board but it is much stronger and designed to hold up very well in tough conditions like the coast.  It is more expensive and very heavy so only order this if you are required to do to building codes.
  • Masonite like siding - vertical panel board perfect for painting
  • Lap Panel Board - perfect for painting
  • Cement Board - very heavy and weather resistant made for costal regions

Siding Material suited for Stain

[D] T1-11 type Vertical Panel Board - this is more like a plywood, it is stronger than the ones above but not as well suited for painting.  If you want the stained wood look but Cedar or Split Log bust your budget, then this is the material for you.  It does require more maintenance than the painted materials above and it will over time tend to warp a little but it is sturdy and has a wonderful look.  The standard stain color is shown in the first two images.  The third image on the right shows a customer selected darker stain.  There is a slight upcharge but many customer tell us the color stain they want.

  • T1-11 8x10 Shed traditional stain color
  • 10x12 T1-11 Shed darker stain
Leonard Custom built 12x20 painted ranch style storage building with porch

Painted Gables Ranch Style

Siding material designed to hold paint allows you to match the color scheme of your home. Leonard offers vertical panel and a lap board siding materials which are painted at the factory and designed to hold up well to the elements. It is easy to touch up and even change colors later. A few Popular Sizes below but other common sizes are listed in the price table : 8x10, 8x12, 8x16, 10x12, 10x14, 10x16, 10x20, 12x12, 12x16, 12x20, 12x24 [6x8 up to 14x50 available for delivery] * ask about built-on-site

  • 10x12 Ranch style painted
  • 12x24 T1-11 sided stained shed with cute front portch
  • Large 14x40 Ranch style painted masonite sided portable storage building
Part Number Size Door Siding Pricing
B-STD2-1012-620 10'x12'
Lap panel See pricing
B-HMP2-1014-620 10'x14'
Vinyl See pricing

Custom Painted Models

Part Number Size Door Siding Pricing
B-STD2-1216-145 12'x16'
Lap panel See pricing