Specialty garages are considered specailty when they have a certain design to them. This design usually comes in 2 ways.

The first way is a garage with a lean-to on either side. A lean-to is a separate non-enclosed addition to the garage for extra storage. This is when you have a 20x21 garage then you add a 12x21 lean-to on either side giving you a 32x21 structure.

The second way is a structure with only a certain portion enclosed. We consider these to be a garage with a porch. This is when you have a 20x41 structure but you only enclose 20x20 of it leaving 20x21 open on either end.

Specialty Garages - Popular Sizes - call 877 458-1001

Part Number Size Door Siding Pricing
Cpt-Specialty-24x31 24'x31' See pricing
Cpt-Specialty-26x36 26'x36' See pricing
Cpt-Specialty-32x21 21'x32' See pricing
Cpt-Specialty-34x26 34'x26' See pricing
Cpt-Specialty-36x26 36'x26' See pricing