What Payment Options Does Leonard Offer?

Post: 30 Sep 2019 Buildings & Sheds

What Payment Options Does Leonard Offer?

Storage buildings are incredibly useful things to own, and for that reason, we supply a few options when it comes to purchasing them so that way your budget won’t stop you from having one.

Pre-Owned Buildings

We offer pre-owned storage buildings at lower prices than brand-new buildings. You can look at this page to view the pre-owned buildings available at your local stores. This is a great option for our more budget-conscious customers.  

Manufacturer Pricing

We build our sheds here at Leonard’s, which means you’re are dealing with the manufacturer, no middleman required. This allows up to keep our prices down and give you the best deal possible.

Multiple Pricing Options

We have multiple pricing options available so you can choose what works best for you.

Outright Purchase – If you don’t want to worry about monthly payments and just want to own a shed immediately, this is the way to go. Sheds aren’t cheap, and purchasing one outright isn’t an option many have, but for those that do it can be the simplest option.

Rent-to-Own – This offers an affordable monthly payment option. If you just need a shed for a few months while working on a special project, it doesn’t make much sense to drop a large amount of money to own in forever. And even if you do end up loving that shed and want to buy it permanently, you’ll be able to pay the remaining balance of the shed to make it yours.

Financing – If you can’t afford to buy your shed outright, but don’t have an interest in merely renting it, we have options available for financing. You can pay low monthly fees (depending on your credit) to get your shed quickly without a large upfront payment.

We’d recommend financing over a cheaper shed, if you need a shed, you’ll likely need a high-quality one. Cheap sheds can start to fall apart after a couple of years and won’t be worth the investment of setting them up. More expensive sheds can last for much, much longer.

Financing a shed is a great way to get a shed even if you’re low on funds. The monthly payment model means you won’t have to save for years before being able to buy your shed. Instead, you can get your shed immediately and pay it off over time.

See Shed Pricing Instantly

If you’re interested in Leonard’s shed, you can see our specific prices (along with more information about our payment options) here.


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