Garden Tools

Start by answering this question "How do I plan to use the shed?" 

It is not always as obvious as it seems. It is worth exaimining because anticipating all of the uses for your shed will impact what you get or what you didn't but should have.  Down Load Video Now

We have been at this for over fifty years and heard over 150,000 stories and learned a little along the way. Know this: how you choose to purpose your utility building will determine the width, length, & height of your shed. It will drive the door, window, loft, workbench, lighting, and ventalation configuration. So let's take a look at what customers said they wanted when they first came in — the thing that got them to the place where researching a backyard storage building made sense. 

[1] "I am tired of stumbling over the lawn mower, blower, and weed eater while I try to find actual gardening tool I need" This is often follwed by "Wouldn't be so nice to have a cute little garden cottege in the corner of the yard to landscape around?" If your initial thought is a garden shed, then this will inform us on the size and how to arrange doors, windows, and shelving so you can get the most out of it.

[2] "I am sick of parking my car outside of my two car garage. I feel dumb scraping ice off my car window when I have a perfectly good garage which has turned into a storage unit." Not uncommon and you are right to feel a little silly as a new backyard shed will cost you about 1/10 per square foot than your garage did. You can find or create a shed that will solve this problem and you will have the garage looking exactly like you want it. With plenty of room for your cars and a few bikes and maybe even a little tool area. But store the storage in a shed where it belongs. Put the kids toys out where you want them playing with them.

[3]  Speaking of kids toys, we get this a lot "I tell my children to put away their toys but truthfully we don't really have a good place for them to put them all." We understand and have helped many families design a shed with two entrances — one for the lawn mower and another safer door for kids get there toys and where they can put them away.

[4] "The attict just does not work for us — it get's too hot in the summer and it is too difficult to access the stuff when we need it. In some ways, it is actually dangerous to go up and down the pull down stairs. While balancing myself on the steps, I am trying to squeese a 24" plastic box through a 30" opening." The attict is useful for some items that are heat proof and don't need to be accessed often. You will find with a backyard building that the overflow stuff will last longer and get used more often because you can access easily and organize it so that you see what you have. 

[5] "Holidays are fun and we love to decorate; however, we keep re-buying stuff because we can't find it or it got ruined since last year." The best way to keep up with your growing holiday paraphernalia is to design space for it in an outdoor storage shed. You will be able to inventory it easily and it makes unloading and loading quick leaving your more time for actually enjoying the holiday season. 

[6] "I want to clear the closet clutter so I am not wasting valueable real-estate. I have stuff that really does not need to be heated and cooled to remain at 72 degree fahrenheit."  The price you paid per square foot inside your home is way too much to waste on storing items that will do just as well in an inexpensive backyard shed. A little less convinent but this fact will be offset by the fact you will have room to actually organize it and access it. 



Here is where it gets interesting

While your initial thoughts maybe about what you want to get out of the way, many customers start to think about the extra space as an addition to their life. A storage can be used for multiple puposes. Image part of the space as a tool room the other for holiday decorations. What if you partitioned part of the space to be a hobby house, art studio, reading room, or man cave?