Commercial and Volume Purchasing

Commercial and Volume Purchasing

Buildings and Sheds

Here at Leonard, we understand the demand on all levels of our government, and for this, we have a dedicated government sales team to fulfill all orders and levels of procurement. We offer the best product at the best rate, understanding the bid process, and giving them adequate backing and information needed to understand the differences of our product offering compared to our competition.

Government Agencies we have supplied

Commercial Accounts

Leonard also works with large companies to design, engineer, supply, and deliver multiple storage units and other portable structures at a price that makes economic sense vs. almost all other alternatives.

Commercial Trailers

Leonard recognizes that business and the public sector differ from those of the residential.  The offering and pricing on this site and that which is normally shown and quoted from our 58 factory owned locations are generally geared toward the residential and small business market.  Leonard also serves large and medium-size business, city, state, and federal level agencies as well as large non-profits.  We cater to those of you in the following three ways:


Special Discounts

Certainly, if you need multiple trailers for your organization, we will discuss a unique pricing structure that makes sense for us both.  We do this all the time for a few large construction companies, utility companies, and government agencies.  We can also discuss setting you up on account and billing you through normal purchase order arrangments.  Contact Major Account Team

Dedicated Support and Specific Service Levels

Typically, larger orders come from organizations that have multiple locations and want access to our 54 trailer service centers.   All of our locations are company-owned, which means we have more control over the service levels than do trailer manufactures who rely on a third party dealer network for support.  


Access to Product Development

Our engineering and manufacturing departments work with businesses and agencies to help modify our products to meet existing specifications but, more often than not, are asked to help design solutions and then develop specifications that will get the job done. Over the years, we have been given some unusual requests which turned into very innovative solutions to very specific challenges.  We look forward to hearing more about your hauling opportunities.  You can always drop by one of our trailer centers, or you can reach us directly.


Leonard loves to help government agencies find solutions around trailers and vans.  New Hanover County is now offering a new way to dispose of hazardous materials you may have around your home.  Starting Monday, Jan. 16, the "HazWagon" will be stationed at three different locations in the county to collect household hazardous waste and electronics, free of charge. "It's been in my garage for a long time. It has been, up until now, pretty difficult to dispose of this kind of stuff properly," said John Pesackis as he looks over the electronics he brought to the wagon. "I've just been holding on to it and waiting to maybe take a trip over to 421 to the main landfill to drop it off, but this is a whole lot more convenient."

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Commercial Truck Accessories

If you are a business owner, fleet manager, or the purchasing agent for you're a federal, state, county, or city government agency, we are here to support all your fleet up fit, trailer, and storage shed needs.
Leonard Factory Outlet offers special Fleet and Commercial pricing for those who qualify. With 56 locations across the Southeast, we have an extensive delivery network and can solve your storage or truck accessory or trailer problem FAST. We realize that SPEED is essential, especially when addressing a disaster, emergency, or quick expansion project.
Let us keep your business working and moving forward. 

Truck Dealerships

Leonard has relationships with over 800 truck dealers in the five-state region we serve.  We have several programs designed to help you sell more trucks and make your customers more satisfied.  We understand the complexities of working with dealership parts and service departments and have found ways for everyone to win.   Leonard will be on standby to help with any customer who wants or needs a special truck accessory quickly and affordably.  We will let you guide how the relationship works, but know that we will respect your customer and the relationship you have developed. We will honor that relationship while serving the two of you.   If you have any questions or would just like to whiteboard a few ideas of how we might be able to work together, please contact Leonard Truck Dealer Partner Specialist for a confidential discussion. 


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