Rental and Rent to Own Storage Buildings, Sheds

rent to own a leonard shed

Leonard has a very generous Rent to Own building and storage shed program. It is quick and easy and there is no credit check. It requires very little up front cash and you get your building right away. Leonard's Rent to Own sheds and buildings are by far a better alternative to the traditional self-storage rental places where you pay as much but have nothing in the end.   The current $99 Delivers program is availble only to selected previously rented or aged buildings. Browse Catalog

Preowned Units

  • 10' x 16' Barn
    Originally $3299
    Sale Price
  • 12' x 24' Pilot Series Steel Frame
    Originally $3999
    Sale Price
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For those of you already enjoying the benefits of a Leonard storage building, shed, or backyard structure under our generous Rent-to-Own program, it is now easier than ever to manage your Leonard Rent-to-Own account. 

  • View your payment history
  • Payment status
  • Pay on-line

Rent to Own Benefits

  • No Credit Check
  • Same Day Approval — simply answer a few questions and sign
  • Month-to-Month Contract — you can turn your unit in at any time
  • Build Equity — on average most self-storage agreements last 5 years with nothing to show in the end. With Leonard's rent-to-own program every payment moves you closer to owning your shed
  • Payoff Any Time — you can convert your rental into a purchase with no penality at anytime
  • Store your stuff only steps away from the house. It beats having to drive across town to access a public storage unit.
  • Establish Credit — it's a great way to help you build your credit
  • More Than Just Storage — use it also as a workshop, hobby house, garden shed, etc...
  • Portable — if you move, your building can go with you
  • Trade Up — trade your building in at any time for a different size or style as your needs change
  • Once you own your unit you can sell it. The market is strong for used storage sheds and Leonard will move it for at a very reasonable price. 

Rent-to-Own Storage Shed Building vs Self Storage

A rent-to-own contract on a Leonard storage shed is a better deal than self-storage rentals because you own the building when the term is done. For example: 

Leonard Rent-to-Own Shed: $2000 building
36 months @ $97/mo = $3492
and You OWN It 


Traditional Self Storage
36 months @ $100/mo = $3600

Plus you don't have to drive to get to your stuff. Just walk a few steps — anytime. You can use your building for more than just storage. We've seen workshops, hobby houses, garden sheds, and more. 

Why Rent-to-Own Sheds Win Every Time over Storage Units

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