Leonard Privacy Policy

Leonard Privacy Policy

We are an old fashioned company, so I think you will like this
If you are like us, then you have two significant concerns around privacy.

Junk Mail, Spam, Telemarketing Calls
Identity Theft
Junk Mail, Spam, Telemarketing Calls:
We find junk mail, SPAM, and marketing calls to the house aggravating and frustrating.  Therefore, we don’t give your information out to anyone unless we have to by law AND we keep a tight leash on our marketing department.

Is Leonard going to send me junk mail or ring my phone off the hook?  No.
Up to this point (over our 50+ year history), we have not reached out to our customers enough.  Many of our customers have asked to do a better job of communicating.  So unless you tell us not to, we will use your name, address, phone, or email in the following cases.

If you order something and are waiting on it to come in, we may contact you to give you status updates.
If we delivered a building, installed a carport, or you recently purchased a trailer from us, we may be contacting you – to make sure that you are happy with it and to ensure you were treated the way you should have been.  This may be a call or an email (whichever you prefer), and it will be brief.  We promise to listen and take action if it is needed.
If you buy a big-ticket item that requires some maintenance, like a building, carport, or trailer, we may send out a reminder to let you know how to best maintain it – no more than once a year.
If you tell us it is OK, then we want to communicate with you occasionally, no more than one marketing communication per quarter...period.
Although we have never done this before, we would like to give those of you who agree, an update about products or services that probably make good sense for you to check out.  Example:  If we know that you purchased a grille guard for a 2014 Toyota Tundra, and later on, we cut a great deal with a new vendor on step bars that fit your truck, then there is a good chance you may want to know about it.  

We would also like to get more pictures of your vehicles on our website so that we can all see what accessories look like on real folk’s trucks – not just the showroom photo shots.  So you may see a contest or quick survey to help make it worth your while.   If we do conduct a survey, it will probably be a simple on-line thing that you fill out.  We want you to be able to see the results from other customers just like you quickly.  This will help us build and buy better products for you and hopefully help you get more out of the things you buy.

Identity Theft:
This is a big deal, and you need to know that while we are old-fashioned in a lot of ways, we are not when it comes to keeping our network and your data secure.  First of all, we are a tightly held privately owned family business, so we are not like some of the huge conglomerates that don’t even know what information they have or where it is.  We do.

There are only three ways that we end up with the kind of information about you that thieves want, when you buy something from one of our stores. Or on this website with a debit or credit card.  The other way is if you fill out a credit application.

At our Stores:  We recently spent a pile of money putting in new touch screen terminals and Ingenico card swipe machines.  We did this in part to make sure that your data stays safe.  If you enter your PIN, it is encrypted and passed straight through to your bank or credit card company.  We cannot see it.  Your credit card information is stored and automatically masked by our store personnel.  Our stores do report daily sales to our corporate office in Mt. Airy NC, but the number remains masked.  Our corporate server environment is small, tight, and protected by a state-of-the-art double layer firewall system.

On this Website:  This site is built on the Radiant Systems’ CPOnline platform.  It is related to our point of sale system and is CISP compliant.  This means, in part, that when you submit your order, the transaction is encrypted using SSL, so that it gets to us without anyone else being able to see it.  Once your order gets to our corporate headquarters, it is treated just like the information from our stores (see above).
Credit Applications: Although Leonard offers to some commercial accounts A/R terms, consumers are offered credit only through a third party.  In order for the finance company to extend this credit, they need information from you - some of which is sensitive.  The two firms we currently use both also have stringent privacy policies.  The form you fill out will be faxed by our store manager either directly to the finance company or to a dedicated staff member at our headquarters who then processes this information with the finance company.   In either case, we will not copy the application and will send the original to our headquarters where it will be securely stored.  

If you do get an email and would like to modify your opt-in status, reply to the link in the email that says something about opting out.  We will go into your record and delete your email from our files.  If you have any questions or want to talk to someone as they delete the email from our records, send us an email or call.

Send an email to our Customer Service Department  customerservice@leonardusa.com

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