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The Leonard Truck Accessorie's Division is careful in selecting the brands it represents.  We have found Curt to be one of the most trusted and reliable hitch and hich accessory suppliers in the market today.     View Hitch Pricing Now

How to Select Your Trailer Hitch


Class I Hitches

CURT class 1 trailer hitches are the lightest-duty hitches of the rear mount lineup. They are engineered for reliability, welded together with quality American steel and blasted clean for a smooth finish. Tested to meet the strict demands of the industry, CURT class 1s have a capacity to tow up to 2,000 lbs. of gross trailer weight and 200 lbs. of tongue weight. This means they can handle a variety of small trailers such as single-axle utility trailers and recreational vehicle trailers that are used to haul dirt bikes, ATVs, canoes, kayaks and more. A class 1 hitch can also accept hitch-mounted cargo carriers and bike racks, making it a very useful addition to cars with limited cargo space.

Each CURT class 1 hitch is co-cured with a liquid Aquence® coating and a high-gloss black powder coat that provide a lasting defense against rust, chipping and harmful UV rays. A class 1 receiver features a 1 1/4" x 1 1/4" opening and is typically mounted on smaller cars, coupes, minivans and some smaller crossover vehicles. They are available with round tube or square tube frames. Like all CURT receiver hitches, every class 1 is made right here in the USA and is backed by a one-year finish warranty and a limited lifetime warranty.

Example of Rear Mount Class 1 Hitches

Part Number Features Pricing
TRH-Curt-1100 Series Chevy Rear Mount Class 1 - Chevy/GMC See pricing
TRH-Curt-1100 Series Dodge Rear Mount Class 1 - Dodge See pricing
TRH-Curt-1100 Series Ford Rear Mount Class 1 - Ford See pricing
TRH-Curt-1100 Series Toyota Rear Mount Class 1 - Toyota See pricing
TRH-Curt-1100 Series Other SUV Rear Mount Class 1 - Other SUV See pricing

Class 2 Hitches

CURT class 2 trailer hitches are made for lighter-duty towing, having a gross trailer weight capacity of up to 3,500 lbs. and a tongue weight capacity of 350 lbs. This makes class 2 hitches an excellent choice for most passenger vehicles, including full-size sedans, minivans and crossover SUVs. They can be used to tow smaller size trailers such as single-axle utility trailers, small boat trailers, pop-up campers and some recreational vehicle trailers. A class 2 hitch features a 1 1/4" x 1 1/4" receiver tube opening and comes in square tube or round tube frame option. As with any towing application, be sure to verify the vehicle’s towing capacity and the weight of the trailer before hitching up.

CURT class 2 hitches are made with innovative engineering that takes shape in quality materials. Our engineers work with real vehicles and advanced programs to design each hitch to succeed in its intended role. CURT trailer hitches are constructed with American steel by state-of-the-art machinery and our skilled welders, fabricators and technicians. We coat each hitch in a liquid A-coat that provides long-lasting corrosion, chip and UV resistance, and then finish them in a high-gloss black powder coat. Our quality processes and construction give us the confidence to offer a limited lifetime warranty and a one-year finish warranty on all of our class 2 hitches. Best of all, we are proud to say that every CURT hitch is manufactured in the USA.

Rear Mount Class 2 Hitches

Part Number Features Pricing
TRH-Curt-1200 Series Rear Mount Class 2 Hitch See pricing

Class 3 Hitches

Part Number Features Pricing
TRH-Curt-1300 Series Rear Mount Class 3 Hitch See pricing

Class 4 Hitches

Part Number Features Pricing
TRH-Curt-1400 Series Rear Mount Class 4 Hitch See pricing

Class Xtra Duty

Part Number Features Pricing
TRH-Curt-1500 Series Rear Mount Class Xtra Duty See pricing

Front Mount Hitches

Part Number Features Pricing
TRA-FrontMount 5,000 pounds (GTW), 500 pounds (TW) See pricing