Customize Your Trailer !

Leonard makes it fast and affordable to customize your trailer.  If you're going to make the investment, you owe it to yourself and the project to get it right.  Order the unit the way you want it.  Factory installed options are almost always preferrable to do-it-your-self installations after the purchase.  First of all, it will be cheaper because it takes far less time to install these options at the right point in the manufacturing process and secondly there are volume purchase discounts a manufacturer gets that a consumer simply does not have access to.   Make an appointment to sit down with one of our our trailer certified professionals and you will find the time worth while. 

Cross  tread rain gutter mount van rack 86003

Cargo Ladder Rack

  • Cross  tread rain gutter mount van rack 86003
  • Allow about 2 hours for our professionals to install

WHRZT GPS Tracking System

After creating the WBB-100, the WHRZT! designers decided it was time to create another top of the line solution. That's when the WJB-100 was born. This clever version works best on PJ's Trailers or any trailer with a junction box. The WJB-100 contains embedded GPS technology in an easy to install model. What more could you ask for?!


  • Weatherproof
  • Rugged
  • Discreet
  • Simple installation and registration

Spare Tire Mounts

You do not want to get caught on the side of the road with a flat trailer tire so you need a spare tire.  To avoid taking up valuable cargo space inside for your spare tire, mounts are available and we will help you choose the right one and install both the mount and tire for you.

  • Spare Tire Mount tounge side
  • Spare Tire Mount - Frame
  • Spare Tire Mount - Front

Axle & Brake Upgrades Cargos

Part Number Size Side GVAR Pricing
Wheel wells inside trailer - single axle
See pricing
Wheel wells inside trailer - tandem axle
See pricing

Wheels, Tires, and Fenders

Part Number Size Side GVAR Pricing
Upgrade to ATP Fenders (tandem axle)
See pricing

Cargo Exterior Skin COLOR Options

Cargo Exterior Trim Options

Color options:Cargo - Arising

Cargo Jacks & Couple Upgrades

Cargo Interior Walls & Ceiling

Cargo Motorcyle Packages

For both the Single & Tandem Axle Package, the options set is the same although the Tandem Axle cost a little more.
  • Aluminum Mag Star Rims
  • Stoneguard or Polist Aluminum Trim: 24" around plus the corders
  • Pari of Aluminum Side Vents
  • (6) D Rings
  • Transition Flap
  • Stabilizer Jacks