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Leonard stocks hundres of UnderCover bed covers in all styles for nearly all applications.  We will not be beat on price and our service technicians are experienced and careful.  They will help you select the right style, fit and color.  The technicians will also install the cover and show you how it works.  SEE PRICING NOW

UnderCover Ultra Flex Chevy Image

UnderCover Ultra Flex

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A hard folding truck bed cover that comes standard with overwhelming new features, and is topped off with an alluring matte finish. The Ultra Flex is in a category of it’s own. From the irresistible outward appearance, to each component beneath the cover, the Ultra Flex has been carefully crafted to be the ultimate all-purpose truck bed cover. Unprecedented features that come standard with each Ultra Flex include a carpeted under panel for a finshed look, a Saddlebag storage box for convenient out of the way bed organization, a dual rail LED bed lighting system for luminous bed lighting day and night, and an easy-close tailgate seal. Multiple riding positions allow the end user to ride with full access to their bed, and full weather protection is available for the bed if the cover is in the fully closed position. Ultra Flex is a no drill application and can be installed and removed easily with our newly designed “L-Rail’s.” What’s more, the Ultra Flex is backed by a 5 year warranty, making it the most desirable folding cover on the market.

  • ULTRA FINISHED UNDER PANEL - A refined, yet Ultra tough carpet-like finish gives the Ultra Flex a look and feel far beyond OE Standards.
  • ULTRA EASY CLOSE TAILGATE SEAL - Shut your tailgate with ease without ever having to lift that last panel.
  • WEATHER RESISTANT - Rubber seals and drain tubes channel water away from and out of the bed.
  • SLAM LATCHES - Ultra Flex panels automatically latch to the covers mountings rails, making it simple to operate from either side of your truck.
  • PROP RODS - Prop rods conveniently stow in rubber coated clips and stay out of the way.
  • UnderCover Ultra Flex Weather Resistant
  • UnderCover Ultra Flex Prop Rods
  • UnderCover Ultra Flex Full Access
Part Number Features Pricing
TNC-UX12018 CHEVY 5.5 BED See pricing
TNC-UX22019 F-150 5.5 BED See pricing
TNC-UX32004 RAM 5.5 BED See pricing
TNC-UX42007 TUNDRA 5.5 BED See pricing
  • UnderCover Flex Series Tonneau Cover - white truck
  • UnderCover Flex Series Tonneau Cover - blue truck
  • UnderCover Flex Series Tonneau Cover - grey truck

UnderCover Flex

Introducing the next generation of folding covers – the UnderCover Flex folding cover. Flex combines the best of both worlds, the security of a hard locking cover and convenience of a soft roll up cover. Constructed from the best materials available, Flex will withstand the abuse Mother Nature throws at it and keep coming back for more.

  • Low Profile – Ultra-low profile design rests inside the bed rails allowing for a very sleek look.
  • Full Access – Built in prop rods secure the cover allowing your truck to be driven with the cover fully open.
  • Easy Removal – Entire cover can be removed in seconds with no tools needed.
  • Secure Design – Plastic buckles and straps are included to secure the panels in the partially open position.
  • FRP Composite Panels – Lighter, stronger and higher dent resistance than aluminum.
  • Weather Resistant – Rubber seals and drain tubes channel water away from and out of the bed.
  • No Drill Install – Clamp-on no drill installation on most applications

No other folding cover can match the Flex for versatility, security and function. Covered or uncovered, always and option with UnderCover.

Part Number Features Pricing
TNC-FX11018 FLEX Series for Chevy See pricing
TNC-FX21019 FLEX Series for Ford See pricing
TNC-FX31006 FLEX Series for Dodge See pricing
TNC-FX51006 FLEX Series for Nissan See pricing
TNC-FX41008 FLEX Series for Toyota Tundra See pricing
UnderCover newest truck bed cover - the Elite

UnderCover Elite

The Elite by UnderCover is the most refined UnderCover to date. It is meticulously designed, engineered and produced, but it's the remarkable features that set it apart. Starting with a completely new design, adding the handle to the back, BOLT® lock cylinder, and a brighter, removable LED light, we have made America's most popular tonneau cover even better.

  • Bolt Lock for new UnderCover Elite
  • Handle for new UnderCover Elite
  • LED Light for new UnderCover Elite
Part Number Features Pricing
TNC-9993 New Elite for Dodge See pricing
TNC-9992 New Elite for Ford See pricing


UnderCover Lux Series

UnderCover Lux

With a low profile, weather tight design, this cover will look great on your truck. It's even factory painted to match the color of your truck. The hinge is even concealed to provide a tighter fit to your truck bed.

  • UnderCover is factory painted
  • UnderCover has concealed hinge
  • UnderCover is weather tight
Part Number Features Pricing
TNC-2146LUJ-Chev Lux Series for Chevy See pricing
TNC-2146LUJ-Dodge Lux Series for Doge See pricing
TNC-2146LUJ Lux Series for Ford See pricing
TNC-2146LUJ-Toy Lux Series for Toyota See pricing
UnderCover SE

UnderCover SE

The Undercover SE has capitalized on the original award winning Undercover hard tonneau cover with a classy look and some additional functionality. The center-point twist lock makes locking your tonneau cover much easier than the dual locks, and the sleek design with mild ribs and a curved rear spoiler give your truck a more custom look.

Undercover manufactures their hard tonneau covers from an ABS polymer, producing one of the lighest, strongest and most durable hard top tonneau covers on the market. Every Undercover SE also comes with wall mount hardware to easily store your Undercover out of the way when you need more use of your truck bed. The quick-release struts snap in and out of place and the cover can be removed or re-installed in a matter of minutes.

  • UnderCover SE ABS Material
  • UnderCover SE Easy to remove
  • UnderCover SE Light Weight
Part Number Features Pricing
TNC-2146LUJ-SE-C SE Series for Chevy See pricing
TNC-2146LUJ-SE-D SE Series for Dodge See pricing
TNC-2146LUJ-SE-F SE Series for Ford See pricing
TNC-2146LUJ-SE SE Series for Toyota See pricing
UnderCover Classic

UnderCover Classic

The Undercover Classic is the original ABS hard tonneau cover. Undercover keeps improving their first cover and it continues to be one of the most popular covers ever made. The Classic weighs in at a light 58 lbs, but is still one of the most secure covers available. It has an LED light for a convenient view of your cargo at night.

This Undercover provides a classic hard tonneau cover look. Each cover comes with rails/clamps that are custom made to fit your truck. Installation takes about 30-45 minutes, and you can easily remove the cover for full bed access.

  • UnderCover Classic is strong
  • UnderCover Classic is easy to remove
  • UnderCover Classic is easy to ABS compsit material
Part Number Features Pricing
TNC-2140 See pricing