storage shed with vinyl siding, windows, shingled roof, and double doors

Vinyl is extremely durable. It does not need to be painted — ever. It's easy to wash and it resists moisture. Leonard Buildings is one of the few building manufacturers who focuses on vinyl as a primary line and we have more experience with it.  

What makes a Leonard vinyl sided sheds better than the rest?

  • Leonard has been building sheds for over 50 years — we are the shed experts.
  • You are buying directly from the factory. There is no middle man adding unnecessary cost, and you customize your order to create the cottage that is perfect for you. 
  • All cottages are built using Leonard's famous Notched Skid Floor System
  • The walls are constructed with traditional 2"x4" studs on 16" centers with a bottom and top plates — just like your house. This is extremely rare in shed construction. 
  • The roof rafters are pre-jigged at the plant with high pressure steel press plates on both sides. 
  • Vinyl is offered in both Gable Ranch and Cottage styles and Barn styles.  Both have higher roof pitches than most in the industry. This not only makes the buildings more visually pleasing, but it also means you have more space inside. 
  • We offer several roofs options: asphalt shingle, architectural shingle, and metal

What size shed do you need?

Leonard offers vinyl sided style sheds in just about any size you want from a 6x8 to a 14x50. If you are unsure of the size you need, please take a moment to read a post about selecting the right size in our buying guide. Popular sizes are: 6x8 | 8x10 | 8x12 | 10x12 | 10x16 | 12x16 | 12x20 | 12x24 | 12x28 | 14x24 | 14x28  

Leonard vinyl sided boxed eave gable portable Garage

Vinyl Sided Garages

Leonard's Vinyl Garage storage buildings offer style with functionality. Perfect for workshops and even garages for small vehicles, motorcycles, or ATVs. With the right mix of doors and windows, the building can be positioned so that the garage door is unseen. Built much like a house, these large units are durable and easy to maintain. Even the boxed eaves are maintenance free.

  • Leonard's Hampton2 vinyl sided garage series shed
  • Inside of Leonard's 12x24  vinyl sided garage storage sheds
  • Leonard's Vinyl Sided garge with Dormer - Victorian series
Part Number Size Door Siding Pricing
B-HMP2-1224-653 12'x24'
Vinyl See pricing



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Vinyl Sided Barn 10x16 with double 6 panel doors and two windows

Vinyl Sided Deluxe Highwall Barns

This series is not stocked on the lots and must be ordered from the factory as a custom unit. This will allow you to have a lot of say in how you want the barn to look and what options are included; however, it will take a little longer to get to your backyard.

Part Number Size Door Siding Pricing
B-PEN3-1216-685 12'x16'
Vinyl See pricing
B-PEN3-1216-099 12'x16'
Vinyl See pricing